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Proceedings of International Conference on Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2017 Volume 1+2

ISBN: 978-981-13-1312-7, Volume 1:

ISBN: 978-981-13-1315-8, Volume 2:



The Proceedings of the Conference will be published in the Springer Proceedings in Physics.

Registered participants who present a paper at the conference should submit their contribution together with a copyright transfer statement to the Proceedings Editor. 
The deadline for paper submission through the website is June 26, 2017.  The submission link will be announced soon.

Instructions for authors:

The following page limits should be strictly adhered to: 
Invited papers: 6 pages 
Contributed papers:  4 pages 
Poster papers: 4 pages
After peer review, accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings.

Manuscript preparation:
Papers should be prepared in Word or LaTeX. Please download the Submission package
and find the enclosed templates therein.  The package also contains the required copyright transfer statement and permission guidelines.

Please include below files in the manuscript:
(1)the finalized word or latex files
(2)reference PDF files
(3) figure source files with a minimum resolution of 400dpi for the further copyediting and typesetting
(4)consent to publish signed by the corresponding author
(5)permissions for reusing figures/tables acquired from the original copyright holder. Please make sure that all figures/tables excepted from other published work are reused with permission and cited correctly in order to avoid future copyright disputes. The permission guidelines can be found in the submission package.

 **Important notes
(a)all contents should be presented in English, no Chinese or other characters are allowed in the manuscript
(b)please list all author information clearly and provide the email address for corresponding author
(c) make sure the abstract, key words  and reference list are complete
(d)make sure all the formula are edited under MathType
(e)please make sure all reference are cited correctly. For the website type reference, please check if it is valid and add the date you accessed it, for example: Healthwise Knowledgebase (1998) US Pharmacopeia, Rockville. Accessed 21 Sept 2012
(f) attached templates are just for your reference, kindly note that you don’t need to follow it exactly as our production team will take care of the typesetting and copyediting






Copyright ©2002-2014 Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, Questions and Comments to
  Important dates

Website Opening:
Aug. 15 2016

Opening of Abstract Submission: Sept. 30 2016

Opening of Online Registration: Sept. 30 2016

Opening of Hotel Reservation: Sept. 30 2016 

Deadline for Abstract Submission
Feb. 10 2017
Deadline Extension Feb. 17 2017

Deadline for early registration
Feb. 15 2017
Deadline Extension Apr. 10 2017
(23:59Beijing Time)

Deadline for online registration : 
Apr. 15 2017

Deadline for paper submission:
June 26 2017


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  2011 - Chicago, USA  
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